The Birth of a Movement or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Start My Own Blog

So, DMR, where did it come from? Good question. As some know, I am a filmmaker, podcast host (past and present), and overall just enjoy creative endeavors. Without a creative outlet, I feel somewhat hollow, and if I’m being completely honest with myself, I’ve felt really hollow lately. Personal fulfillment can be a really funny, fickle thing; you spend a lot of time chasing it, find it, lose it, find it again, lose it again, and then can’t even remember how you found it in the first place, all in the blink of an eye. That’s where I’ve found myself lately, struggling to figure out where I fit personally, professionally, and, on a smaller scale, creatively. If I can impart any advice to someone in a similar situation though it’s to rely on your support network, which I should’ve done far, far sooner.

That’s where Rob Dimension comes in. You can find Rob at his personal site, on youtube, and twitter, among many other places. Getting back to the point, Rob Dimension is many things to me. Rob is a partner; Rob, his wife Kim, and I have worked on two short films (Boob Tube, below, and Mortimor Tromblay) together, we’ve done freelance production work together, and have I have appeared as a collaborator with him on Rob Dimension’s Shock N’ Wrestling Podcast. Rob is a great friend; many times I have come to Rob with personal issues and he’s made time and an effort to help me better my situation, even when I haven’t deserved that. What might go most unmentioned though is that Rob is a mentor to me. I look at his overall positive attitude and devotion to creating original content as something to strive towards and admire. Often I’ve wondered how he does it and have honestly questioned whether I could or not.

Over the past few months, I’ve considered many ideas for tackling my creative side again. I’ve considered a gaming channel on youtube; starting a new web series as a sole producer; a few new podcast ventures, and a few other random ideas. The podcast has come to fruition, as I am currently co-hosting The Deep Six Podcast with Steven and Dan Spevak and may have another side project in the works and the launch of a youtube channel may still come. Maybe as a whimsical, final afterthought, I considered starting my own blog. During a recent conversation with Rob, though, I actually voiced the opinion that starting a blog might be a waste of time because, really, who gives a crap what Matt Barnes has to add to the internet? True to positive form, Rob challenged me to just go for it, and stop making excuses. He recently added something online that struck a chord with me:


And that’s what I’ve done, no more excuses; The DoorMatt Review was born. I’ve stopped worrying, as it were, and decided it’s time to do something, rather than think about something. For as much as this has turned into an ode to the person who motivated me to get off my ass and get moving (and I promise, it’s not as much of a love letter as it sounds), it’s a personal journey in words that I’m sharing with you before we get this thing started in proper. Because, really, to take me seriously, shouldn’t you know where I’m coming from, or what brought me here?

Hopefully this created a picture of me as a person that you can remember for all those times that you’re going to hate me in the future, when I trash your favorite team, or tell you that the movie you’ve been waiting months for is a dumpster fire committed to celluloid (or digital bandwidth, let’s be fair). I can promise you one thing; I’ll never sugarcoat anything. I’ll practice as much positivity as my craft will allow and I’ll always be honest. The people who expect great things from me would expect nothing less. Thanks for following me on my journey, let’s get this started.


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